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Up Highway 128, past the four corners intersection and just before the hairpin turn
lies the patch of land we call home. Once the site of a blacksmith shop, this was
where the Farrier plied his trade, forging and fitting horseshoes. The town smithy
was a hub of activity, both professional and social. In the spirit of community,
we offer Farrier wines.
These days, a “farrier” is a specialist in equine hoof care. But at
one point in history, a farrier was for all intents and purposes a blacksmith. While
a farrier would certainly have forged horseshoes and fitted them with a great deal
of expertise, he would also have forged andirons for fireplaces, wrought-iron gates,
agricultural tools like hay hooks, and more. He was a farmer, a tradesman and a
master of his craft.
Like the Alexander Valley, Farrier wines are full of character. Mindful of their
regional roots, these releases pay respect to traditional blends while simultaneously
pursuing something completely different and unique.
Hay Hook
2008 Hay Hook / $18

Not your mama’s Sauvignon Blanc, Hay Hook pushes the envelope. Elderflower. Quince. Passion fruit. Lemon verbena. Look for purity and a precise, savory quality on the mid-palate and through the finish.

Hay hooks are a traditional farmer’s tool – something you’d order at the local farrier’s shop. At feeding time, these large hooks with handles are used to literally “hook” hay bales to move them easily.
2010 Presshouse / $24

A decidedly Alexander Valley personality. The nose immediately captures your attention: pencil shavings, sandalwood, dried orange rind and black currant over lush, ripe blueberry. The palate is deep and firm, with savory characters that invites Bordelaise comparison.

Back in the day, “presshouse” was the common name for what we now call the winery - the building where the grapes were pressed and fermented before being barreled down.
2010 Andiron / $20

Aromatic Semillon – a striking nose invites you to linger over your glass. Pause, and you’ll find scents of lime, beeswax, honeycomb, white pepper and yellow fig. On the palate, there is an unusual suppleness on the front and mid-palate that is rarely found in whites. A bright finish provides the perfect foil to the roundness of the palate.

In the old days, blacksmiths and farriers commonly crafted decorative andirons of iron or brass to hold logs in the fireplace.
2008 Countenance / $35

Alexander Valley Cabernet is known for two things: intensity and lushness. Countenance is a gorgeous example of this, with blue-black fruit and floral elements that literally jump of the glass. Blueberry and violet are punctuated by vanilla bean held together by firm, round tannins.

Your Great-Grandfather might have referred to someone’s bearing and behavior as his “countenance.” While this word is rarely used any more, we find the usage undeniably appealing.
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